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Paul Rivoche is a versatile illustrator, animation background designer, and graphic novelist. After early work creating comics for emerging indie comics publishers, he moved from Ottawa to Toronto, Canada and became a key background designer/layout artist for Nelvana Animation, who in the early 1980’s were creating their now-cult-classic science fiction animated feature "Rock 'n' Rule".


Later, he created freelance illustrations for many major Canadian magazines and publishers, as well as drawing numerous comic books and pieces of cover art for US publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics, working on characters such as Superman, Batman, and Iron Man. He has drawn several graphic novels, notably "The Forgotten Man", a  294-page examination of the great depression published by HarperCollins.


In the animation field, he created background designs and storyboard art for companies such as Warner Brothers, for their series “Batman Animated”, “Batman Beyond”, their animated film “Justice League: The New Frontier”, and many others. 


Recently, he designed two seasons of key background locations for the Netflix animated series "The Hollow", did locations for 40 episodes of Corus Entertainment's animated cartoon series "DNAce", and served as the chief background designer for the upcoming feature animated film "Robot Dreams".

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