I've been a professional illustrator here in Canada since 1980, when I moved to Toronto from the capital, Ottawa. Toronto was the "big city" and had all the opportunities lacking in Ottawa. I had already gotten my start in high school by working hard on "Exile of the Aeons", a comic published by Canadian Indy comics anthology "Andromeda", as well as doing art for prints, a Star Trek art portfolio, art for the 1976 MidAmericon program book (they were honoring Robert Heinlein) and a Star Trek role-playing game.


A big break finally came when I was hired to be a key background designer/layout artist by Nelvana Animation. They were creating their now-cult-classic animated feature "Rock 'n' Rule", and I jumped in with both feet, designing Ohmtown (the futuristic small town where to heroes lived), vehicles, and many specific locations used in the film. I even had input on one or two of the character designs. It was a great learning experience!


After that I began freelancing art across various sectors of the illustration business: book covers, album covers, magazine illustration, BG art for animated tv commercials, and comic book art. I also did advertising art, working for many major agencies doing storyboards, pitch boards, and animatics. For Warner Brothers TV Animation, I created lots of background location designs for series such as Batman Animated, Superman Animated, Batman Beyond, and several others. Later I did art for various comics companies such as DC (Superman covers), Marvel (Iron Man covers and pages), and Boom Studios (Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern Crossover cover variants).


Recently, I have been involved with drawing several graphic novels, notably "The Forgotten Man", published by HarperCollins. On this project I worked closely with author Amity Shlaes to perfect the visual storytelling, as well as illustrating and lettering the entire 294-page book and doing the production files as well. Recently I was hired by Slap Happy Cartoons to design both seasons of background locations for their animated series "The Hollow", released via Netflix, as well as  designing BGs for 40 episodes of Corus Entertainment's animated series "DNAce".


Current status: hard at work on personal projects!

P.S. I promised to tell you why I chose 'Rocketfiction' as my brand name . . . well, it all began in high school, back around Grade Nine. My great friend Peter and I were obsessed with science fiction art, particularly that of British illustrator Chris Foss. Trapped in the stultifying confines of the art class taught by Mrs. Bumstead, we rebelled by re-tasking every single art assignment into The Depiction of Spaceships. Eventually an exasperated Mrs. Bumstead cracked, blurting out: "Why MUST you boys always draw this ROCKET FICTION??". And thus, a brand name was born. I kind of like her turn of phrase, myself . . . so, thank you Mrs. B for all the counter-inspiration.

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