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I've worked on many shows as an animation background designer, beginning with the now cult-classic feature film 'Rock 'n' Rule' created by Nelvana Animation. Later, I worked on layout and design for shows ranging from X-Men, Care Bears and Johny Quest to Batman Animated, Superman Animated, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Legion of Superheroes, and Samurai Jack. Most recently I designed the first season (40 episodes) of DNAce for Corus Entertainment and the first two seasons of 'The Hollow' for Netflix.

Warner Brothers BG Designs (Various)

Here are some examples of my background key designs from my work on various shows such as Batman Beyond, Batman Animated, Superman Animated, Justice League, and others.

Netflix: The Hollow

Here are some examples of my background key designs for two seasons of the Netflix animated series "The Hollow", put together by Slap Happy Cartoons. 

Corus Entertainment:


Here are some examples of my key background designs for the animated series "DNAce" from Corus Entertainment.